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Other ways to publish course materials


I know it's not Moodle, Blackboard, fronter or whatever system organisations use to help their staff publish teaching materials on-line and which students can access in class, at home or even on holiday or on their mobiles but . . .


  • Not everyone at College feels confident editing their 'course page' or whatever it's called in their organisation's VLE. 
  • Small organisations may not have IT Support people to help install the VLE software and maintain them. 
  • Sometimes VLEs break down.


So I thought I'd have a look at some alternative ways of doing the basics which might be enough both to keep students happy and even impress inspectors or colleagues.


The links below will take you to samples of each type - [I've corrected the SiteKreator link!]


PBWiki (another page on this site)
the original moodle page used for comparison


 There are lots more and maybe I'll add them another day.



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