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You can edit anything on this site by logging in

(the password is webtools) and include your name so we know who to thank or grumble about.

Changing to the new PBwiki2 probably means I'll have to revise these instructions! Sorry. I will do so as soon as I have figured them out myself!

The SideBar on the right lists the main pages and the categories of web tools. On each category page is a list of tools. Click whichever you wish and its page will open. Click Edit Page and either amend existing text or add you own, preferably below what's there already. Near the bottom of the page click Save and that's it! Quick comments can also be added using the Comment button.


A new page?

You can add a new page by clicking on, yes, you've guessed, New Page. Title it sensibly to give a clue to others as to what you're telling us about. Ignore the templates offered as they probably won't help you much. Just add what you like to the page: ideally the name of the application, what is does and how we can find it (a web address would be useful if it hasn't been mentioned elsewhere). In particular we're looking for what you, colleagues or students have found useful or done with it and links to any examples would be brilliant.


You should have a fairly familiar editing toolbar at the top. If this isn't showing click the switch to . . link at the top tight of the page. Unless you're a bit of an expert (or understand what the Source button does) don't worry too much about formatting. Maybe try changing a heading from Format: Normal to Heading1 or a subheading to Heading 2 or 3 - and if you leave the font and size alone it'll follow the current site styles and colours.



You can add images in two ways: if you have its web location, paste that in the space provided or you can just upload it.


New additions or changes are monitored (we get an instant e-mail advising us!) and you'll appreciate that we do need to remove inappropriate content and we might tidy up rambling or text that looks a bit grotty. Generally, though, feel free to contribute.


Any more questions? Contact me or try the pbwiki forums.




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