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Page history last edited by Andrew Hill 14 years, 11 months ago

Things you can do with some of the new tools on the web!


Firstly, many thanks to the pbworks team for some great improvements. As well as making it much easier for you to add your own comments, they have also provided a free upgrade to their Gold version which has lots of space, gets backed up and has lots of new features. I've transferred to the new version - bit of work still to do to tidy up folders and things. If you want rights to add pages, edit things etc. in order to use the resources more effectively as staff development material then just ask. Remember that this site is to collect comments on tools featured on my main webtools site.


I have been using this site to support a series of sessions I'm doing around the country where I'll be trying to get tutors (or anyone else for that matter!) interested in using some of the great new tools available that are free and simple to use. You can see these on my webtools site. Hopefully, some will be interested enough to share their comments on them, and even add some examples of what they do with them. I've included links on that site to pages on this site where you can just edit the appropriate pages. In fact, you now have several ways to type on a web page which would have been virtually impossible a short while ago! It's quite amazing how things are changing. If you have just dropped by then you can get to the individual tool pages from the menu on the right too. A big thank you to Marta who has recently been enthusiastically helping with lots of comments and new ideas and is using several webtools very effectively.


Hopefully you'll also get some inspiration on the way and come up with some bright ideas of your own for using some of the tools. Feel free to add a page with news of what you do. The SandBox page is a place to play - content there doesn't get saved for long.


Examples of pbwikis that are being used in education can be found at http://pbworks.com/education where you'll find a good forum too.  I still feel that there's a Big Change coming . . . moodle is looking a bit old and sad and most of what people do with it can be done better and more simply with these tools - someone just needs to find a way to put all the pieces together. Maybe moodle will. One day. 


If you want to edit pages, add new ones or whatever then you need an account. It's quite easy to create one. If you have trouble just drop me a line. Occasionally complete idiots get accounts and write rubbish but I do get notified of all content changes and can quickly revert to previous versions and delete accounts if necessary.






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